“My work emerge at the intersection of a variety of approaches; the critical, the absurd, the analytical and the poetic. The works are relating to the conditions for cultural and political mutation and change in society at large, as in it's individuals. There is an effort to make visible underlying structures and patterns in society and create a space for the contemplation of the human condition in a parallel now. The works are usually not dealing with isolated phenomena, rather – they are spaces for renegotiating connections between fragments of atomized reality and imagination in a world constantly in the making, where the truth is always new. It is the aim that my work shall be experienced as productive of meaning, rather than being perceived as expressive of some pregiven ‘message'. I use a visual vocabulary that engage the body and the senses as well as the mind. I use the strategies and tricks of advertising by appealing to the desires and the natural drives of the spectator. But my commodity is confusion. Or rather, appetite! I want to sell hunger, but smiling hunger!”