Installation. 27.5 x 17 m. White chipboard laminate.
The name of the work, 'The Periodic Kitchen', is derived from the 'periodic system', where all elements have been assigned a code as part of a systematic overview. This system helps us to manipulate the elements.

In The periodic Kitchen, symbols relating to systems and phenomena central to human existence and organization are likewise juxtaposed as elements of a cross-over between a chart, a map, a game etc.

The heart of the installation is a structure which borrows traits from a variety of sources such as; an altar, a tomb, a kitchen, a laboratory, a sacrificial stone, a DJ stand, a quiz masters stand, etc.

On the floor are a number of quadratic podiums, each with a individual cut-out symbol referring to gender classifications, currencies, religions, the alphabet, numeral system, etc. Also a factory-symbol referring to industrialization and the silhouette symbol from face-book, referring to the impact of internet and social forums on our way of creating identity.
All these symbols can be interchanged and put together in a variety of ways. the podiums refer to a game board (such as that of monopoly or ludo) but here the individual squares are also changeable. Nothing is permanent, nothing is static.
The symbols from the "game board" can be paired and become game pieces, active agents, instead of passive symbols.

At the sides of the space are walls with cut-out continents, and shelves have been installed inside the hollow space of each country. These also become central to the game.
On the floor are the countries placed in formations, starting from the continents as we know them.
But the countries are both game-boards and game-pieces as with the other elements, and everything can be interchanged, mixed and edited ad-infinitum.
Everything has been made of white chipboard laminate, chosen for its connotations of standardization and mass-production.

The Performance
Part of this work is an installation in which i activate the game.
Dressed in a white outfit and wearing a tropical helmet, i embody an agent which led reminiscence to; the explorer, the colonialist, the scientist, the priest, the shaman, the warrior, the fool, the alchemist and so on and so forth.
Moving around the space, the agent plays with the elements, interchange them and engage in a variety of acts and poses. Acts of ritual character, acts of primal expression, acts of determination, acts of confusion, bewilderment and thoughtfulness.

'Is it a game? Is it a map? Is it a laboratory? It is the periodic kitchen.
A platform for relating to the transitions currently redefining all known parameters, a stage for re-imagining human existence in yet another passing moment, in a world constantly in the making where the truth is always new.
Welcome to this shamanistic incubator of temporary, transient sense.'